Battlefield 1 Tips: How to Dominate in Every Multiplayer Match

Battlefield 1 is a rather complex game when compared to other FPS titles such as Call of Duty or Halo. In those games players don’t necessarily have to work as a team, take bullet physics into consideration when firing their weapon, or develop strategies for large maps. That’s what makes Battlefield unique and so challenging. Below we provide some tips and suggestions that will help you become a better player.

Battlefield 1 Tips

While BF1 feels and plays pretty similar to previous installments of the series, there are a lot of new and unique mechanics that players will need to figure out to truly master the game.

Battlefield 1 Tips

Nearly all of the vehicles, both land and air, operate differently than the jets, helicopters, and tanks that we’ve seen in titles such as Battlefield 3 and 4. The classes are slightly different, the weapon selection has been changed up, and there are other things that set the game apart from previous episodes.

Below we’ve provided a few tips and tricks that’ll help you learn to be a better player in Battlefield 1. Some of these suggestions are core basics, but they’re still important regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner to the series or a seasoned veteran.

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Master a Class

There are six different player classes in Battlefield 1. Each one plays an important role. In order to make great contributions for your team in every match it’s preferable that you learn to master the duties of one class. Whether it be providing healing as a Medic or pushing objectives and blowing up tanks with the Assault kit – hone in on one specialization to start with.

Not only will this make you a better team player, it’ll also give you the opportunity to unlock higher-level weapons, gadgets, and other upgrades that will help you secure more kills, assists, and rack up your individual player score throughout every match.

Battlefield 1 Classes

We have detailed guides for all of the classes, but here’s a brief summary of what each one is best suited for:

Assault – Designed for close to mid-range combat. Best utilized for attacking enemy-held objective points. The class is also equipped with anti-vehicle equipment that works well against tanks, armored cars, and other ground-based vehicles.

Medic – Has access to some really powerful mid to long-range weaponry. The primary role of this class is to provide healing via the usage of gadgets such as the Medical Crate.

Scout – A class best reserved for those with laser-sharp aim. This is the iconic sniper class of Battlefield 1. Primary duties include spotting and eliminating infantry from across the map. Provides strategic cover-fire for allied troops on the battlefield.

Support – As the name implies, you are your allies’ best friend. When ammo runs low, you’re the guy that gets called upon. The class utilizes LMGs to provide cover fire for advancing Assault troops, too.

Tanker – You rule the open land with an iron fist. This class is specifically for players that wish to specialize in tank usage. The class allows you to earn experience toward special tank upgrades that make you more efficient, more lethal, and tougher to take down. Tankers are essential in game modes such as Conquest.

Pilot – You soar through the sky, raining down fire upon infantry and enemy vehicles. The Pilot class allows the player to work toward unlocking special plane upgrades that improve your performance in the clouds.

Focus on Aim

Find yourself getting taken out often by other players that just seem to be able to turn on you and mow you down in an instant even though you got off the first shot? Well, that’s likely because you have inferior aim. Landing your shots is crucial to success in any engagement.

Typically you want to aim for the head for an increased chance of getting a quicker kill, but start off just trying to aim your weapon directly at your opponent’s chest. Try to maintain focus even under pressure. The more bullets that hit their mark, the faster you’ll take down your foe.

Battlefield 1 Aim

Aim is a very basic aspect of the game, but it’s vital that you master it as quickly as possible. Doing so will result in less lost firefights with more skilled players. Aim is especially important if you plan to roll the Scout class. Snipers need to be able to hit targets at varying distances, while the target is moving, and, preferably, on the head so that a kill doesn’t require multiple bullets.

Better aim equates to more kills and less wasted ammunition. Whether you play on console or PC you need to practice your aim constantly to perfect it.

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Play the Objective

Ask any hardcore Battlefield player what the most important thing to do in the game is and you’ll likely get “PTFO” as an answer nearly every time. Why? Because if you, your squad, or your team don’t have your eyes on the prize you’ll be marking down a ton of losses as you play Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 PTFO

In most game modes your primary objective is to secure capture points, break down enemy defenses, and defend your team’s flags from opposing forces. Don’t be the guy trying to go lone-wolf and rack up as many kills as you can. Yes, kills help, but working with your team to capture flags is more important.

If your team is working together to strike a particular objective – don’t wander off in the opposite direction – go assist them with the attack. If you notice a vital objective is being taken without opposition, take your squad and go defend it. Play the objective, don’t just screw around all the time.

Coordinate with Your Squad

Attempting to take an objective or rush into enemy territory on your own is often a stupid and careless mistake that leads to nothing more than a quick death. Rather than trying to be Rambo, work with your squad as a unit. In Battlefield 1 you’ll accomplish a lot more working as a team rather than going solo.

Battlefield 1 Squads

Sticking with your squad is essential – especially if you’ve done well coordinating class selections. Supports and medics compliment the Assault kit beautifully. Work with each other to execute strategic pushes against the enemy. Your Assault guy will be great for rushing in and taking down enemies. Your support should sit back and assist, plus throw down ammo when supplies are low. And the Medic on your squad should always be close by to throw down Med kits when necessary.

Develop Map Strategies

Having intimate knowledge of each map is extremely important. Learn the layout of the land and the locations of each flag as fast as you can. Once you have that down you can begin developing strategies with your squad and team to coordinate better attacks against enemy-held flags and know how to better defend objectives under your own team’s control.

Figure out hot spots, determine which lanes infantry and tanks utilize the most, and find strategic positions where you and your allies can set up to attack or defend the flags. This is crucial if you’re looking to chalk up a lot of Ws in your match log.

Cheers for taking the time to read our collection of Battlefield 1 tips.

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