Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide: The Ultimate Medic Handbook

In most of the most recent Battlefield games the “medic” role was covered by the Assault class which had access to gadgets like the defibrillator and the medkit. In Battlefield 1, however, those responsibilities have been assigned to an official Medic class. It’s quite different from other classes in the game. Below we provide an in-depth guide to this specialization.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide

While one of the primary responsibilities of the Medic class in BF1 is, indeed, patching up and healing allies, this unique character is actually capable of performing multiple jobs from healing to support and even a dash of assault. You’ll learn more about that below in the gadgets section.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class


Medic has access to some of the most powerful guns in the game. Consisting mostly of semi-automatic rifles, this class is capable of dealing a decent amount of damage, but it is limited to doing so at mid to long range only. Close-quarters combat is definitely not wise to engage in when rolling the Medic kit.

Available guns:

  • CEI-Rigotti
  • Mondragon
  • M1907 SL
  • Selbstlader M1916

For best results you’ll want to find higher ground and keep a good amount of distance between you and your foes. You’ll also want to practice your aim. These guns have serious bite, but you’ve got to land your shots to make it count. Headshots obviously have an even greater impact, but start by attempting to nail your opponents in their chests at varying distances before trying to master the perfect shot.

Be wary of challenging snipers with these rifles, though. If you can catch one off guard and are only at a moderate distance from him your chances of success are better. Don’t attempt to pop a sniper at long range, though. They can quickly determine your location and send you to digital heaven in a heartbeat with a well-placed round.

The Battlefield 1 Medic class is especially useful against Assault and Support class players. The weapons these players have have lesser range and less potency. As long as you keep distance between yourself and your enemy, these players shouldn’t give you too much trouble as long as your aim is true. Missing several shots, however, can lead to a quick, painful death.

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Now we come to the real power under the Medic’s belt. The gadgets available to this class are numerous and serve a number of different purposes. Obviously, as the name of the class suggests, one of your primary duties should be dishing out health packs and reviving fallen allies. But that’s not all the Medic has up his sleeve.

Below we discuss the various gadgets the Medic has at his disposal and the implications of each one.

Bandage Pouches

Capable of providing 12.5 HP of healing per second, these small pouches are great for quick and easy heals. They’re pretty much the same as the First Aid Pack that was originally featured in Battlefield 4. The Medic is able to carry two of these pouches on his person and can casually toss them out onto the playing field.

Battlefield 1 Bandage Pouches

In order for this gadget to serve its purpose to the best of its capability you’ll want to throw it down behind cover. This allows allied players to receive the healing they need without getting hit by enemy fire. The pouches are able to bring a player up to 100% health, but only if they remain in the vicinity of the pack and aren’t being struck by enemy gun fire or explosives.

The bandage pouches are best used for single target heals.

Medical Crate

The Medical Crate operates similarly to the traditional Medkit that has been available to the Assault class in games like BF4. This is a large box that can be thrown out and it replenishes the health of friendly soldiers. The health regeneration provided by the crate is a bit faster than that of the pouches.

Place the crate in an easily accessible, but well-covered area to allow teammates to replenish their health without the pressure of enemy fire. The crate is best saved for when two or more allies need healing. Just make sure your teammates are close by so they can either make it to the box or you can make it to them to drop the crate next to them.


As a WWI-era Medic you don’t have access to advanced technology such as the defibrillator, but you can still bring your allies back from the brink of death by utilizing a gadget called the syringe. This is an adrenaline-based injectable that is pumped into the veins of fallen allies to revive them.

Like the defibrillator, though, the syringe also has the ability to take down an enemy. It needs to charged up and then you either have to get incredibly lucky in a close-quarters situation or, preferably, sneak up on an enemy soldier and stick them with the needle to lay them to rest.

Battlefield 1 Syringe Kill

Reviving works a bit different in Battlefield 1 than in previous games, though. Downed players have the option to alert nearby medics of their death which then provides a signal to Medic class allies showing where the fallen ally is. The time allotted for this action is also very short.

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Rifle Grenade

Tired of playing doctor? Want to rack up more kills, support your teammates, or assist in taking down vehicles instead? Well, lucky you, the Medic actually has another gadget that allows to him to perform these actions as well.

The rifle grenade is an attachable grenade launcher that, when equipped, is outfitted on the end of your rifle. This gives you the ability to pop off a few different types of grenades.

Battlefield 1 Rifle Grenade

There are three options available for this gadget:

Frag – Blast out timed-explosive frag grenades that, upon detonation, deal moderate damage to enemies in close proximity.

Smoke – Fire off grenade canisters loaded with smoke that temporarily messes up lines of sight for your enemies and also blocks enemies from being able to “spot” you and your allies that are within the smoke area.

HE (High Explosive) – Launches more potent grenades that have a larger blast radius. These are able to damage both vehicles and enemy soldiers, but aren’t quite as good as frags for killing enemy infantry.

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