Battlefield 1 Assault Class Guide: Full Class Overview, Tips, and More

Assault is one of the six playable character classes available in Battlefield 1. Designed mostly for damage output, the class is perfect for players that like to pick up kills. The class does, however, have a support element to it. With heavy grenades and a mounted, explosive rifle this specialization is also intended to wipe out enemy vehicles.

Battlefield 1 Assault Class Guide

Assault is the go-to class for anyone that wishes to rack up kills throughout a match and push the objective. This class plays a crucial role in every game mode within BF1. For modes such as Conquest, players rocking the Assault loadout are expected to not only take out opposing forces, but also make pushes to secure enemy-held objectives.

Battlefield 1 Assault Class


The Assault class is primarily designed for close-quarters combat. Choosing this class gives players access to a variety of submachine guns and shotguns to utilize in battle. Available secondary weapons, much like other classes in Battlefield 1, mostly consist of various sidearms.


Submachine guns are the brunt of the weapons you’ll be using while playing this class. They have fast firing rates, can take down enemies quickly, and are perfect for close-quarters encounters.

  • M1918
  • MP-18
  • Standschutze Hellriegel 1915


Shotguns deal serious damage, but only at very short distances. Nevertheless, they’re great for rushing into a building and popping off foes.

  • Automatic 5
  • M97 Trench Gun
  • Model 10-A


Pistols are mostly intended to be used as a last-resort weapon whenever your primary firearm runs out of ammo or you don’t have time to perform a reload. They deal low to moderate damage and are mostly only effective at close range.

  • C-93
  • M1911
  • P08
  • Steyr M1912
  • Webley MK VI

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As mentioned above, the Assault class is designed for objective rushing and anti-vehicle operations. The gadgets available for this class primarily focus on dealing damage to enemy vehicles including armored cars and tanks.

Available gadgets for Assault include:

  • Anti-Tank Grenade
  • Anti-Tank Mine
  • AT Rocket Gun
  • TNT

Anti-Tank Grenade

These are a special type of explosive that deal a significant amount of damage. These are heavy pieces of equipment which makes them awkward and difficult to throw. They can, however, be thrown for Battlefield 1 Anti Tank Grenadesomewhat moderate distances. The grenades explode immediately upon impact whenever they hit an enemy vehicle.

If you choose to use this for one of your gadget slots you will be given 2 grenades to utilize. They can also be used for other purposes such as depleting the armor on a player that has equipped an elite class, blowing down walls of buildings, and dealing splash damage.

TIP: Don’t toss one of these grenades too close to your own character. The splash damage is pretty harsh and if you’re already a little low on health, you can actually wipe yourself out with the grenade and give the enemy a kill count.

Fun Fact: The in-game grenade is actually modeled after the German Model 24 hand grenade which was essentially an I.E.D first used in WWI. It was created by taping multiple grenade heads to a stick. This obviously generated a much larger explosion and dealt more damage than a standard grenade.

Anti-Tank Mine

The AT Mine is a more strategic-focused explosive that the Assault class in Battlefield 1 has access to. This is a deployable, stationary device that detonates whenever an enemy tank or other ground-based vehicle crosses over it.

The mine does a substantial amount of damage, often wiping out the vehicle immediately upon activation. They are somewhat easy to spot, though, and can be easily disposed of with bullets from practically any firearm.

The key to success with AT Mines is placement. You’ll want to deploy them in hot spots where vehicles are likely to drive through, but also make sure they’re inconspicuously placed to hopefully avoid detection. This is often easier said than done, but if you can manage to find the right spot, you’ll be well rewarded.

TIP: AT Mines are great for defending objective points. Teams are likely to attempt to take over capture flags in game modes such as Conquest using heavily-armored vehicles like tanks and armored cars. Place your mines down on objectives in hard-to-see areas and you’ll likely save a contested flag from being captured by the enemy.

AT Rocket Gun

Another effective anti-vehicle tool players rolling the Assault Class have the option of using is the AT Rocket Gun. This is a mounted firearm that blasts out large shells capable of dealing moderate damage to both vehicles and infantry.

Battlefield 1 AT Rocket GunThe Rocket Gun can be used to damage most vehicles, including tanks and cars, but it can also be used to eliminate enemy soldiers. A well-placed round can result in a one-shot kill.

The biggest drawback of this weapon is that it must be mounted to fire. It has a built-in bipod that will automatically pop out whenever you lie down, but it can also be activated when resting against certain surfaces such as railings, window-sills, and other similar spots.

The AT Rocket Gun has just one shell per clip and allows the player to fire 4 shots altogether before running out of ammunition.

TIP: This weapon is capable of dealing splash damage. If you attempt to fire it from a rail that is too close to the building or hit the nearby ground with it your character can suffer damage as well. It’s also worth noting that if you blow-up a vehicle in close proximity that you may lose health from the resulting explosion.


In Battlefield 1 Assault players will also have the ability to select TNT for one of their gadgets. While the name and appearance is very different, this piece of equipment is essentially the same as C4 that has been utilized in titles such as BF4.Battlefield 1 TNT

The TNT can be tossed out and then remotely detonated. It does a moderate amount of damage and is effective against infantry, vehicles, walls, and other environmental elements that can be destroyed on each map.

TIP: TNT can be used to blow up the land-based bridge near the mountain by objective E on the Shanghai map. This effectively closes off a strategic sniping spot for enemy players.

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