Jumping into Battlefield 1 for the first time? While this game may look and feel like the same ol’ rodeo that you’ve experienced for years with previous BF titles, there are a lot of new combat mechanics, weapons, vehicles, class mechanics, and more to learn. Don’t get overwhelmed, though – we’re here to help!

Battlefield 1 Guide

In order to truly master the game and become a proficient assault, support, medic, scout, pilot, or tanker in DICE’s newest game you’re going to need to get up to speed – and FAST. This means learning how your familiar, but different class works, which weapons you’ll be using, what guns work best in every scenario, how vehicles operate, and TONS more.

There’s a lot of information to digest, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Battlefield 1 Guide

Our team has been working hard since pre-alpha builds to develop the ultimate Battlefield 1 multiplayer guide for both new and seasoned BF patrons.

This guide is the single most comprehensive resource available for BF1. It covers everything from the absolute basics (i.g. aiming, taking cover, offensive & defensive strategies) to advanced multiplayer tips and tricks that will help you dominate in every game mode, against ANY opponent.

Classes Guide

First and foremost you need to acquaint yourself with the different character classes that are available in Battlefield 1. There are six different classes in the game.

Battlefield 1 Classes Guide

These are:

Most of these have been present in previous installments of Battlefield and follow the same guidelines as in the past.

The last two (Pilot and Tanker) are brand new and refer to vehicle-specific classes. You can learn more about the classes in BF1 right here, but our guide goes into far more detail – providing tips and tricks for each one, recommended class setups for optimal performance in multiplayer, and much more.

Vehicles Guide

Vehicles play a huge role in BF1, as they have in pretty much every Battlefield game to date. This time around, though, you’re working with planes, tanks, and armored cars that have different characteristics, capabilities, and customization options.

In order to excel on the ground or in the sky you’re going to need to know the mechanics of the vehicle you’re driving or piloting. You’re also going want to know how to execute advanced and complex maneuvers that will help you shake off enemy advances, avoid anti-vehicle weaponry, and make it possible to obliterate your foes with deadly precision.

Battlefield 1 Vehicles Guide

Our multiplayer guide dives deep into the inner-workings of all of the WWI-era aircraft, tanks, and more. It provides in-depth overviews of each vehicle that will help you learn both the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

In addition to that, we also provide detailed reviews of the various customization options you’ll gain access to as you progress through vehicle levels. These custom add-ons are key to your success on the battlefield. We reveal which ones work best for every scenario and provide advanced vehicular combat strategies to give you an edge over your opponents.

To get a general overview of the vehicles that you’ll have access to in Battlefield 1, read this.

Weapons and Gear Guide

The weapons and gadgets you select for your loadout are almost as important as your precision and knowledge of map layouts. Guns in Battlefield 1 are much more specialized than what we’ve seen previously. Each one is designed for a specific role and knowing both the abilities and limitations of every gun in the game will help you overcome your opposition with ease.

Battlefield 1 Weaponry

In our Battlefield 1 guide we provide an in-depth analysis of every rifle, sniper, pistol, shotgun, light machine gun, and even melee-specific weapons that reveal both their best qualities and their downfalls.

You’ll learn which guns are best suited for close quarters combat, mid-range encounters, and long-range engagements. You’ll also learn how to use each one appropriately and find out which attachments will best enhance the performance of every weapon in the game.

Gadgets also play an important role in the game. These handy items serve a number of different purposes including providing healing for your teammates, surveying the landscape, and, of course, assisting in the elimination of your adversaries.

Our guide covers each gadget in full detail so you can learn exactly how to use them, what their primary functions are, and how best to utilize them in matches.

Map and Game Mode Strategies

Being well-versed in the weaponry, vehicles, and gadgets will definitely help you become an incredible soldier in BF1, but the real indicator of your skill comes in the form of match wins. Working with your teammates you’ll need to complete the objective and beat back your foes to take home the win.

Battlefield 1 Map Strategies

If winning is something you’d like to do on a consistent basis you’re going to need to know map layouts, understand where choke points are, know where most engagements will occur, have intimate knowledge of the best routes to capture points, and more.

In our Battlefield 1 strategy guide we teach players all of the above and more. You’ll learn how to strategically capture and defend objectives with ease, how to approach enemy territory without exposing yourself or your team to fatal consequences, and how to take home more wins than ever in every game mode on every single map.

Advanced Multiplayer Tactics

Battlefield has been and always will be a more complex and technical first-person shooter than your average FPS title. Compared to Call of Duty, for example, the game is much more realistic. Bullets actually lose velocity and players have to compensate for factors such as traveling speed, distance, player movement, and other aspects.

In order to truly become a master of Battlefield 1 you’ll need to have intimate knowledge of the physics of weaponry, understand the importance of cover, and know the battle tactics used in both weapon and melee-based combat.

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer

Within our comprehensive guide to BF1 you’ll find a lot more than just the basics. Our team is made up of seasoned Battlefield gamers that have been active in the series’ multiplayer for over a decade. They’re experienced and incredibly talented players that have taken the time to share some of the most advanced multiplayer tactics you’ll ever see within the guide.

You’ll learn how to dominate your foes by being more unpredictable, more precise, and more cunning. This is accomplished by utilizing a combination of superior class loadouts, map strategies, and general combat tactics.

The Battlefield 1 guide we’re offering to players is one you’ll definitely want to have access to. It’ll give you a competitive edge over your enemies and allow you to vastly outperform any opponent right out of the gates.