Battlefield 1 Game Modes: All Multiplayer Modes Explained

Battlefield 1 is the latest FPS title from EA and DICE. The game is probably one of the most popular titles ever for the series. The beta alone attracted more than 13 million players. The open beta for the game only gave players a chance to battle it out in a couple different game modes, though. The launch version will include much more.

Battlefield 1 Game Modes

Below we reveal all of the game modes that will be available at launch for BF1. These are playable multiplayer modes that are slated to be included with the game once it officially releases in October. The info down below provides a summary of how each mode works. Players will be familiar with most modes as they were seen in previous titles such as BF4, but there are a couple new ones in the mix as well.

Battlefield 1 Game Modes

Here is a list of all game modes:

  • Air Superiority
  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Operations
  • Rush
  • Team Deathmatch
  • War Pigeons

Now let’s talk about what each one entails…

Air Superiority

Air Superiority made its first appearance in Battlefield 1943 and has since been included in other titles of the series such as BF3 and BF4. It makes a return in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Air Superiority

Not a ton of information has been provided about it just yet, but it’s more than likely going to have the same characteristics as previous installments. In this mode players are only able to participate in combat in aerial-based vehicles. For BF1, that would mean taking to the skies in the WWI-era fighter planes.

In BF3/BF4 the objective of the game was to capture control points for your team. This was done by circling the objective to secure it. In BF1943 the only objective was to simply take out enemy planes. It has yet to be seen what Air Superiority in BF1 will offer.


Conquest is fan-favorite mode that focuses on team-based objectives involving capturing and defending various control points throughout the map. This is one of Battlefield’s most iconic gametypes due to the large-scale nature of the battles.

Players are tasked with capturing a number of different objectives. Flags start in a neutral state at the beginning of each match. These are designated by white circles. Either team can reach the point and secure it relatively easily at this point. Vehicles such as tanks and aircraft play a big role in both the capture and defense of objectives.

Battlefield 1 Conquest

Once an objective is captured it’ll either be blue (if your team controls it) or red (if the opposing team has secured it). After a flag is captured, allied players can spawn in on it. Players cannot spawn in on objectives that are labeled as neutral or under enemy control.

The main goal in Battlefield 1 Conquest is to hold down these objective points. The more that are under your team’s control – the better. The core system of how this game mode works has been changed quite a bit in this game, though. The ticket system that was used in previous games no longer exists. Points are instead accrued by capturing and maintaining control of objectives. Kills don’t directly affect your team score.


Domination is a variant of Conquest. In this mode players are again tasked with capturing and holding down objectives, but it’s on a much smaller scale. The map is typically cut down significantly in size. In addition to that players are unable to spawn on objectives, there are no vehicles spawned in the map, and objectives can be captured at a quicker rate.

Domination is more about close to mid range combat and faster-paced action. This mode is primarily for players that love objective-based gametypes, but prefer to play without the disruption of vehicles and appreciate more intimate map settings.


Operations is a brand new mode exclusive to Battlefield 1. In this mode players are assigned to one of two teams. One team will be designated the attackers while the other team are defenders. The objective for the attacking team is to make pushes to take control of each section of the map in a progressive manner. The defending team, on the other hand, is tasked with securing each area and stopping the attackers from pushing their way forward.

Once the attackers have managed to push their way all the way through one map – you go onto yet another map. Yes, that’s right – in this game mode you’ll actually be seamlessly fighting across multiple maps. Once you’re done with one, you’ll move into a new one – while still being able to see the previous map just beyond horizon.

In order for attackers to fully win over a sector they’ll have to secure all objective points within it. If the attacking team manages to pull that off, the defenders will be forced to fall back to the next sector of the map. This mode will force players to be in it for the long-haul. And, at practically any stage in a match, the tide can turn and either team can get the upper-hand.


This is another classic that plays pretty much the same as it has in previous Battlefield games. Players are assigned to either an attacking or defending team. Attackers have a total of 75 tickets to deplete while attempting to take over objectives while defenders have unlimited lives to stop them.

In previous titles the objectives were M-COM stations. Because Battlefield 1 is set in the First World War, this obviously doesn’t fit the theme. For that reason, the stations have been replaced with telegraph posts that attackers must destroy or defenders must protect.

Another difference is that defenders are actually able to call in artillery strikes from the telegraph posts. These strikes can be used to eliminate nearby attackers that are attempting to seize control of the objective.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch, otherwise known as TDM, is one of the only Battlefield 1 game modes focused on kills rather than capturing points around the map. The mode also restricts map usage so that the playing area is much smaller than in modes like Conquest. On most TDM servers there are also no vehicles spawned on the map.

The only objective here is to get kills and avoid death yourself. In these matches the winning team is the one that reaches the predetermined kill count first. It’s kill or be killed. Work with your teammates to coordinate strikes against the enemy team and aid one another to help your allies stay alive. The Medic class plays an important role here, as does Assault and the Support kit.

War Pigeons

War Pigeons is another game mode that is exclusive to Battlefield 1 and is perhaps one of the most interesting gametypes ever introduced to the series. The primary objective is to find a messenger pigeon that flies to a random spot on the map immediately at the beginning of each match. Once your team locates the bird you must then secure it and transport it to a designated safe zone.

Battlefield 1 Pigeons

After the pigeon reaches the safe zone your character will write a message which is sent off to nearby allied soldiers that initiate an artillery strike against the opposing team. Both teams go back and forth battling to capture the pigeon, escort it to the safe area, and calling it strikes against opposing forces.

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