Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide for BF1 Players

Support is a vital class in all Battlefield titles. It makes a return in Battlefield 1 as one of the six primary classes players can utilize in multiplayer. This class is primarily intended for assisting assault players that are pushing objectives, resupplying ammo, and more.

Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide

The support class is a vital component for securing wins when playing team-based objective modes such as Conquest. In order for players using the Assault class to make advances on objectives they need to have teammates providing cover fire and dropping ammo when supplies are low. This is exactly what a Support player is expected to do.

Battlefield 1 Support Class


The Support class is typically armed with light-machine guns. These weapons operate best at mid-range. Best practice consists of setting up in a strategic area where you can spot enemy soldiers and provide suppressive fire as friendly attackers move up.

Weapons available for this class include:

  • Lewis Gun
  • Madsen MG
  • MG15 n.A.
  • M1909

A few variations such as Trench, Light Infantry, Low Weight, and Suppressor are accessible for most of these guns.

LMGs have a large ammo capacity, deal mild damage, and are ideal for assisting teammates rather than going lone-wolf and racking up kills. So, if you’re looking to quench your bloodlust, you’re probably better off selecting the Assault class. That’s not to say you can’t manage substantial killing sprees utilizing Support – you definitely can – but the weapons you’re given don’t pack as much punch as those available for the more attacker-friendly classes in Battlefield 1.

You will, however, get tons of points for assisting kills, suppressing enemies, and, of course, resupplying for your team. If you can manage to finish off a good number of kills and assist your teammate throughout the course of a match you can definitely wrap-up each session with a fairly high score using this class.


As a Support player you’re given access to two different types of gadgets. These are mostly intended to help resupply ammunition of allies and to assist in the elimination of enemy infantry. Below we’ve outlined exactly what gadgets you’ll get with this class and how they work.

BF1 Support Class Guide

Ammo Crate

This is the holy grail of bullet supply. Toss one of these down and your entire team will be able to stock up on ammunition for their weapons and also replenish their grenades. The crate takes on the appearance of a large box with munitions popping out.

In order for you or your teammates to benefit from the crate you and your allies must be within close proximity of the box. It is possible to ‘throw’ the crate, but it doesn’t go too far. Also, make sure you place it in an area that provides cover. Don’t be the jerk that drops the crate in a spot where teammates are likely to get popped by enemy fire.

Ammo Pack

The ammo pack operates similarly to the crate, but is much smaller and provides less resupply. These take the form of little pouches with bullets sticking out the top. Support isn’t the only class that gets access to this, either. Whenever you mount a horse you take on the ‘calvary’  position which is also equipped with the ammo pack as well.

Battlefield 1 Ammo Pack

Because the pack is much smaller than the crate it is also harder for your teammates to see. Be sure to place it down in an area where it’s easy to spot so your allies know exactly where to go to grab their ammo. Like the crate, the packs can also be thrown but, again, they don’t travel far.

Tripwire Bomb

The tripwire bomb is a type of claymore-like mine. It can be deployed on practically any flat surface on the battlefield. It features a wire which, once disturbed by an enemy soldier, vehicle, or horse, will cause the bomb to detonate.

This gadget deals a decent amount of damage to individual soldiers, but it is very ineffective against vehicles such as the armored car or tanks. It is best to place these in a highly trafficked area. You do, however, want to put it somewhere that it isn’t easily noticed. Tripwire bombs aren’t too difficult to spot if they’re out in the open and can be easily destroyed. Placing them in thick brush, just behind a broken wall, or behind doorways will result in more kills.

There are 3 different versions of the tripwire bomb available:

Gas – Upon activation, the bomb will disperse a cloud of deadly gas. This gas can kill an opponent, but keep in mind that every class has access to a gas mask that can completely null its effects.

HE (High Explosive) – This makes the bomb a standard explosive. When triggered it will simply explode and deal immediate damage to the target.

Incendiary – With this variant the bomb will burst open and emit flames (much like the incendiary grenades). This does immediate damage (although its somewhat low), but also has a DoT (damage over time) effect due to the target being lit in flames.

No matter which version you opt to use, the Battlefield 1 Support class has access to 2 bombs to place at any given time.

Success with this gadget depends a lot on your knowledge of the map, how you place the explosives, and a dash of luck. To further assist your team, try placing tripwire bombs close to an objective. This way when an enemy soldier attempts to come in and steal the capture point, you’ll likely pick up a kill and save the team from losing valuable points.

Be sure to check out our full guide to Battlefield 1 for tips, tricks, strategies, and more that will help improve your gameplay.

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