Battlefield 1 Elite Classes: Flame Trooper, Sentry, and Tank Hunter Guide

The core classes of Battlefield 1 aren’t the only kits players can get access to. DICE has actually introduced a new lineup of what they’re calling “elite classes” into the game that give players the opportunity to assume the role of a flame-spitting pyromaniac, a heavily-armored machine gunner, or a tank-seeking hero that can stop vehicles dead in their tracks.

Battlefield 1 Elite Classes

Elite classes aren’t able to be equipped by the player on spawn. Instead, they must locate the kit on the battlefield, suit up, and take on the duties of the class they equip. These are powerful kits that can change the tide of battle at a moment’s notice.

Battlefield 1 Elite Classes

These special kits are known as:

  • Flame Trooper
  • Sentry
  • Tank Hunter

Below we talk about each one in further detail.

Flame Trooper

Believe it or not, one of the weapons that was utilized in World War I was a flamethrower. It wasn’t a popular tool of war, but it was put to use during some battles. In Battlefield 1 players can don a kit that gives them access to a scorching flamethrower that spits fire at will.

Battlefield 1 Flame Trooper

The flames don’t reach far, but if you get caught in the fiery blast you’ll die a quick, painful death. As an attacker you’re definitely going to challenge the Flame Trooper exclusively at mid to long range. Otherwise you run the risk of being burned alive.

The Flame Trooper has a decent amount of health, is outfitted with fire-resistant gear, and is also equipped with a built-in gas mask. He doesn’t move too quick, but if you accidentally run into him, you better high-tail it out as quick as possible. His flames are no joke.


The Sentry is a whole different beast. This elite class gives gamers a suit of heavy, plated armor that does a beautiful job of protecting to occupant from gunfire and even some smaller explosives. With this kit equipped you’ll move dreadfully slow, but you’re essentially a human tank with a substantial amount of health compared to standard infantry troops.

Battlefield 1 Sentry Elite Class

The Sentry also has access to a large, water-cooled machine gun. With it he’s able to hose down enemies with a fury of bullets. The damage per shot isn’t too high, but a concentrated blast from the gun can take your breath away very quickly.

One of the Sentry’s biggest weaknesses, however, is gas. He isn’t able to put on a gas mask so if you or your teammates have gas grenades equipped, coordinate a distraction and have your allies take him down with a cloud of poisonous gas. Heavier weapons such as the AT Rocket Gun, Dynamite, and some grenades can eat away at his armor, too.

Tank Hunter

Finally, we come to the last of the Battlefield 1 elite classes – the Tank Hunter. His name suits him aptly. With this class players get the chance to use the 1918 Tankgewehr, an incredibly large, insanely potent anti-tank rifle that was originally used between 1918 and 1933 by the Germans.

Battlefield 1 Tank Hunter

This gun packs a lot of punch and is highly effective at taking down both enemy soldiers and vehicles. One shot to the right spot can effectively cease the operation of mounted vehicle guns or cannons. The rifle is also able to temporarily disable vehicles if you can land a bullet near the engine.

While the Tank Hunter may not sound as glorious as the Flame Trooper or the Sentry, he’s still a vital tool and can help turn your luck around in a match really quick. Tanks, armored cars, and other vehicles play important roles in controlling the battlefield. With this kit you can quickly and easily lay waste to key players that are wreaking havoc on your team with heavy vehicles.

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