Battlefield 1 Classes: Guide to Character Specializations in BF1

Unlike FPS franchises such as Call of Duty where combat is erratic and more ideal for lone-wolf play, Battlefield is a much more team-focused shooter. For that reason, players are given the option to play a specific role or “class” in the game. These classes are primarily centered around offense, support, sniping, and anti-vehicle specializations.

Battlefield 1 Classes

In practically every Battlefield game to date there have been just four core classes. Battlefield 1, however, features six. It still has four main classes that will be familiar to long-time Battlefield fans (with some changes), but also throws in two new ones.

Battlefield 1 Classes

The classes in BF1 are:

  • Assault
  • Support
  • Medic
  • Scout
  • Pilot
  • Tanker

Down below we provide a more detailed overview of each class to help you decide which one best compliments your personal play style and the role you wish to play for your team.


If you’re more of a balls-to-the-wall, rush-in-and-pump-lead kind of player in FPS games, the assault class will likely be your go-to in BF1. As the name implies, the class is centered around direct combat, but it also arms you with the responsibility of taking out tanks.

Battlefield 1 Assault

Players that opt to play the Assault role will gain access to anti-vehicle explosives for tearing holes in those hearty tanks and armored cars. For firearms you’ll likely be looking at a few SMGs and rifles – the kind of guns that are best suited for close-quarters combat.

Assault weapons:

  • Automatico M1918 (SMG)
  • Model 10-A (Shotgun)
  • MP 18 (SMG)

Assault gadgets include:

  • AT Grenade
  • AT Mine
  • Breachgun

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Feel better about sitting back in the battlefield and providing cover fire for your squad? That’s exactly what the Support class is designed for. You’ll have the ability to resupply allies with ammunition, drop mortar strikes to fend against enemy troops & vehicles, and get your hands on both close and mid-range weaponry that’s ideal for giving suppressive fire to aid your rushing teammates.

Battlefield 1 Support

Your primary responsibilities are dishing out ammo and covering the six of friendly soldiers. The Support class is well-equipped with crowd-control gadgets and guns that make being an awesome wingman a relatively easy job.

Support weapons include:

  • Lewis Gun (LMG)
  • M1909 Benet-Mercie (LMG)
  • Madsen MG (LMG)

Support gadgets:

  • Ammo Crate
  • Mortar
  • Tripwire Bomb


Medics play sort of a dual-role in Battlefield 1. As the name suggests, one of your foremost tasks is to provide healing to allied players. Throwing down meds is key to keeping your squad alive and winning matches. But that’s not all that’ll be asked of you.

Battlefield 1 Medic

On top of healing players, the Medic class is also designed to help maintain vehicles. Whether you’re riding along in a fighter or the designated gunman in a tank – you’ll also be tasked with whipping out your Wrench and patching up allied vehicles to keep them running and in your team’s control. Vehicles play a major role in controlling objectives and having the upper hand in matches, so it’s vital that you contribute to their survival.

Medic weapons include:

  • Cei-Rigotti (auto / semi-auto rifle)
  • M1907 SL (semi-auto rifle)
  • Mondragon (semi-auto rifle)

Medic gadgets include:

  • Bandages
  • Medic Bag
  • Rifle Launcher
  • Syringe
  • Wrench

Recon / Scout

Consider yourself an eagle-eye? Then you’ll definitely want to take up a sniper and play the role of the Scout (previously known as Recon in other Battlefield titles). Your job as the Scout is fairly simple. First, you should always spot enemies for your fellow teammates to aid in surveillance. Second, line up your shots and pop off any enemy soldier you can (preferably without alerting them to your presence).

Battlefield 1 Scout

The Scout is typically equipped with gadgets that assist in spotting enemy soldiers and vehicles on the landscape. Don’t just sit around trying to rack up long-distance sniper kills, though. Contribute to the cause. Defend objective points and cover your team when they’re making a push for control over strategic spots on the map.

Scout weapons include:

  • Gewehr 98 (bolt-action rifle)
  • SMLE Mk III (sniper)
  • Russian 1895 (lever-action rifle)

Scout gadgets:

  • Flare Gun
  • K Bullet


In Battlefield 1 players have the ability to play as two classes they’ve never seen before. One is the Pilot. As you can probably guess – it’s a specialized class best-suited for players that wish to take to the skies and participate in dogfights for the majority of matches.

There haven’t been any details released for the Pilot class just yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that it’ll be custom-tailored to be useful for aircraft. We’ll update this page with more details about this new class once EA / DICE have released official info for it.


The other vehicle-specialized class that players will be able to use in BF1 is called Tanker. The name suggests that this class will be tailored to assist players that wish to roll around in tanks throughout matches. As with Pilot, there aren’t really any official details available for it just yet, but once they become available the full overview of the Tanker class will be posted right here.

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