Battlefield 1 Open Beta Dates, Game Modes, and More

UPDATE (8/15/16): EA and DICE have officially announced that the open beta for Battlefield 1 will be starting on August 31st. If, however, you signed up as a Battlefield Insider, you will gain early access to the beta beginning on August 30th. There’s still time to become an Insider. All you have to do is register in the system on this page.

Original Story:

According to a number of different sources, Sebastian Moritz, the Battlefield community manager for Germany, suggested that an open beta for Battlefield 1 would be made available shortly after Gamescom. The 2016 running of this event is scheduled to take place between August 17th and 21st.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

If the rumor is true, this would potentially put an open beta coming out either in late August or early September. Moritz was also quoted saying that people signed up as “Battlefield Insiders” would gain access to the beta three days before everyone else.

Battlefield 1 is currently in closed-alpha testing where only a small group of gamers have been given access to the game. An open beta would allow all players on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 to test-drive the game prior to it’s October 21st release.

No further information has been given. We currently don’t know how many players the beta would support, what game modes would be available, what maps would be included, or what vehicles players would have access to in the beta.

Aside from this one statement made by Moritz, which was done so on a German Twitch stream, there have been no official details released for the open beta for BF1. While this is coming from a reliable source, these dates and details are still to be taken with a grain of salt until EA or DICE put out an official statement regarding the beta.

Nevertheless, a September beta would make a lot of since. Most games that have had open beta in recent years have done so roughly one-month ahead of their official launch dates.

Once we have more concrete information, we’ll post it here. This page will include a listing of official open beta dates, times, and other details as soon as EA and DICE provide this information.

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