Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide: The Ultimate Sniper Manual

The Scout class, better known as Recon, is the sniping class found in Battlefield 1. This class is designed for popping off enemies from afar and helping with spotting foes for your team. To be successful with it you’ll need great aim, patience, and intimate knowledge of every map. Below we provide an in-depth guide to this specialization.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide

The Scout / Recon class has long been a fan-favorite within the Battlefield series. Players love the challenge of scoping enemy soldiers at great distances, determining how bullet drop will affect their shot, and taking down their target at increasingly greater ranges.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class

Only the most skilled sharpshooters are able to make great contributions to their team using this specialization. Sniping is smooth in BF1, but it still requires a great deal of patience, impeccable timing, and skill to master.


The weapons available to the Scout class consist of bolt-action and lever-action rifles built specifically for long-range engagements. These rifles deal massive damage, are highly accurate in the right hands, and are best suited for striking down enemy infantry on objective points, advancing toward your team’s position, or, even more helpful, eliminating snipers on the opposing team.

Here are the snipers Scout has access to:

  • Gewehr 98
  • Russian 1895
  • Gewehr M. 95

For secondary weapons, Scout has the following sidearms:

  • M1911
  • P08

NOTE: Variants are available for each of the rifles listed above that slightly modify the attributes of the weapon.


Scout has a couple of gadgets that are primarily centered around assisting your team. The first is designed for spotting and disorienting foes. The second allows the class to assist in the takedown of powerful enemy vehicles that can change the tide of battle.

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Flare Gun

The Flare Gun is a special pistol capable of firing projectiles known as…. you guessed it.. flares. These can serve one of two purposes – spotting or blinding. The player receives a total of 2 flares to utilize during each life. The gun itself has a magazine size of just 1 round.

Battlefield 1 Flare Gun

There are two types of flares:

Spot – Creates a red signal around where it lands that reveals the locations of enemies and enemy equipment within close proximity of the flare.

Flash – Creates a sizable flash effect that temporarily blinds enemies and lights up the surrounding area.

The first is mostly intended to be utilized as a support tool to help teammates determine the location of enemy soldiers, tanks, and gadgets. The second can be used to escape bad situations or it can be fired into a hot-spot to disorient enemies, allowing allied players to take advantage of the moment and eliminate nearby foes.

It’s also worth noting that while the Flare Gun’s projectile doesn’t deal direct damage if you hit an enemy with it, the resulting flare can burn opponents that get too close to it. The damage dealt isn’t significant, but if an enemy is already low on health it can finish them off or, at the very least, leave them even more susceptible to gunfire.

K Bullets

K Bullets are armor-piercing rounds that the Battlefield 1 Scout class can load into their sniper and pop off. These rounds are more effective against vehicles such light tanks and armored cars. A well-placed shot that lands on the engine of the targeted vehicle can disable the vehicle.

These bullets don’t have a huge impact on heavily armored tanks or other similar vehicles, though. You’ll want to keep in mind that you only get 5 of these rounds per life as well. So you’ll either want to save them for when a vehicle is stationary or just make sure you hit your target to really make them count.

Kills registered while firing off K Bullets are counted as gadget kills, not weapon kills. So even though you’re loading the special ammo into your favorite rifle, the kills won’t be attributed to the gun you’re using.

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Tips and Suggestions

First and foremost – the Battlefield 1 Scout class performs best when you are in a strategic position. The key to success is finding an area that gives you a good view of the battlefield (preferably over capture points) and plenty of cover to remain hidden and out of the line of enemy sights. Players rolling other classes can take you out quick at close or mid range. Other snipers pose a threat at greater distances.

Battlefield 1 Sniping

Second, you’ll need to master determining bullet drop. This varies depending on the sniper rifle you’re using and the distance between you and your target. You want to take as few of shots as possible to eliminate an enemy. This means you need to be a true marksman and have the ability to judge exactly where to place your shot to hit your target.

Firing multiple times at an opponent not only burns through ammunition, but it also leads to giving away your position and putting yourself at risk of being shot by an enemy sniper.

Take your time when lining up your shots. Make sure your opponent is clearly visible within your sights. Figure out how high you need to aim to account for the bullet drop. If your target is in motion, be sure you know approximately where they will be within seconds of firing your sniper. All of these things are learned through practice.

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