BF1, BF4, and BF Hardline to Link Up Multiplayer via New System

DICE recently announced that they are going to begin rolling out a new update to the user interface, beginning with Battlefield 4. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this new UI is the fact that it will be, in a way, merging Battlefield 1, BF4, and Battlefield Hardline multiplayer together – making it a simple and painless process to jump from game to game seamlessly.

Battlefield UI Update

This is a very interesting new development. Of course, if you’re looking to utilize the system you will have to own at least two of the 3 games mentioned or, preferably, all three. According to information the development team has provided so far on the matter, it sounds like players will be able to hop from server to server in between these three titles in a much more fluid and quick way than having to back out of each application, start up another game, and then proceed into matchmaking or a server.

It’s interesting that DICE is looking to implement this feature now, just before the release of Battlefield 1. It does suggest, however, that they want to continue supporting some of their older titles and retain players that have an interest in playing BF4 and Hardline as well as the upcoming new installment to the series.

Not your cup of tea? Well, there are a few other useful features being added with this update as well.

These include:

  • Options to stay with your squad between matches
  • Recommendation Engine – Allows players to more easily suggest map and game mode changes on the servers they’re actively playing on

This update is being applied to Battlefield 4 first. It will then be implemented on Battlefield 1 on October 21st (the game’s launch date), and, finally, on Battlefield Hardline shortly after that.

BF4 remains one of the most popular games in the franchise, so it’s not that surprising that the update is being added to it. Hardline, on the other hand, is a bit more interesting. Hopefully this update will go through smoothly without many hiccups. We’ll keep everyone updated on it.

Source: [VG247]

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    so you need to own bf4 to play it on bf1?