Battlefield 1 Maps: Every Multiplayer Map Seen in BF1

Battlefield is known for its large, expansive maps that give players a ton of room to battle it out in both infantry and vehicular combat. With each title we’ve seen maps that are designed around the time period and geographical locations relevant to the game’s campaign. Today, we’re going to take a look at the multiplayer maps that are featured in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Maps

At launch, DICE’s newest installment of the Battlefield series will include a total of 9 different maps. There’s also one additional map that will be made available for free toward the beginning of December. Future DLC or additional free updates will likely introduce even more maps post-launch.

Here are the known maps right now:Battlefield 1 St Quentin Scar

  • Amiens
  • Argonne Forest
  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Empire’s Edge
  • Fao Fortress
  • Monte Grappa
  • St. Quentin Scar
  • Sinai Desert
  • Suez
  • Giant’s Shadow (available in December 2016)

Below we provide a brief summary of each of these multiplayer battlegrounds.


Amiens is meant to resemble a battle space in France where the United Kingdom and the German Empire fought in August of 1918. Allied forces eventually overtook the German army, but it was a gruesome battle nonetheless. More than 44,000 lives were lost.

Battlefield 1 Amiens

This map has an urban setting with loads of buildings, but is still quite sizable.

Argonne Forest

Argonne Forest is a smaller landscape primarily designed for infantry combat. The location is based on a similar spot in the North-Western region of France. It’s supposed to resemble the battlegrounds utilized by the United States and German Empire in the later portion of 1918 during what was called the Meuse-Argonne Offensive which occurred between September and November of the year.

Battlefield 1 Argonne Forest

The result of this battle was a victory for the Allies. The win didn’t come without great loss, though. This part of World War I is considered the deadliest battle for the U.S. because they lost more than 26,000 troops. To this day, it is said to be the most significant loss of life in United States history.

Ballroom Blitz

Ballroom Blitz is another map based on battlegrounds from the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. It’s set near a French manor close to the Meuse River. The manor lies just outside of a strategic railway hub that American forces are vying to take control over to break down German supply lines.

Battlefield 1 Ballroom Blitz

Battle on this map will consist of both close and mid range encounters with the manor serving as a primary focus point of the landscape.

Empire’s Edge

Empire’s Edge is a map meant to showcase the naval and aerial battles that took place between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces during WWI. The location is found in the Adriatic Sea.

Battlefield 1 Empire's Edge

Players will mostly be duking it out in the air and sea when playing this map.

Fao Fortress

Fao Fortress is a map set on the coastline of the Al-Faw peninsula in Mesopotamia. The focal point of the environment is a large fortress that sit atop a hill. This setting is meant to replicate a battle between the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire that took place toward the latter part of 1914.

Battlefield 1 Fao Fortress

The map consists of a variety of marshlands, desert dunes, and, of course, the fortress itself. Combat will take place at varying distances.

Monte Grappa

Monte Grappa is set in Italy where a fierce battle occured between Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces happened. This map was featured in some of the promotional images that were released prior to the official launch of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Monte Grappa

The map is a large space where both infantry and vehicular battle are viable.

St. Quentin Scar

St. Quentin Scar is a map based on the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin. This segment of the war took place in France between Australia and the German Empire. It was an important battle that weakened German forces and gave the allies a decisive victory.

Battlefield 1 St Quentin Scar

One of the commanders of the British army stated that the efforts made by Australian forces during this battle were some of the greatest military achievements seen in World War I.

The map itself features lush hills, a windmill, and a bit of urban warfare that occurs in a small town with several buildings. A lot of the map is open land where vehicles such as tanks and armored cars can have a commanding presence.

Sinai Desert

Sinai Desert was the map that millions of players got to test out during the Battlefield 1 open beta that was available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This is a large, mostly empty desert map set in Egypt. Players assume the role of either the Ottomon Empire or the British Empire and duke it out over large, sandy expanses.

Battlefield 1 Sinai Desert

This map is vast, yet very empty. The majority of the play space is just open desert dunes. There is a small city in one section, though, a few small buildings scattered throughout, and mountains that can be climbed that are ideal for snipers.


Suez is a desert-like map that runs alongside a river located in Kantara, Egypt. It is here that the British and Ottoman empires fought back in 1915.

Battlefield 1 Suez

This is a relatively small map where battle takes place mostly in the outter portions of the city of Kantara, as well as within the desert that lies just beyond the city’s borders.

Giant’s Shadow

Giant’s Shadow is meant to represent the Battle of the Selle which took place near the Selle River in France in October of 1918. This is where British and German armies clashed in efforts to seize control of the important railway hubs in the area.

Battlefield 1 Giant's Shadow

The focal point of this map is a large airship that has crashed toward the center of the battlefield. This map is set to be available in December as free DLC. Gamers that pre-ordered Battlefield 1 will get access to the map a week before those who purchase the game post-launch.