Battlefield 1 Vehicles: A Look at BF1’s WWI-Era Planes, Tanks, and More

One of the main things that makes the Battlefield series stand out from other shooters like Call of Duty is the inclusion of player-accessible vehicles in multiplayer. In BF1 players will be using a number of different warplanes, trucks, bombers, and more providing a diverse range of aerial and motorized ground combat choices.

Battlefield 1 Vehicles

As everyone knows, Battlefield 1 is themed around the First World War. This means that most of the technology in the game, including weapons and, you guessed it, vehicles, will be from this era. In other words, we’ll be taking planes, cars, trucks, and such from around 1900 to 1918 for a spin on the battlefield.

Battlefield 1 Vehicles

Some vehicles are already presumed to be included in the game based on the official reveal and gameplay trailers that have been released by DICE for Battlefield 1. In these videos, gamers had a chance to get a sneak-peek at what’s to come.

Confirmed Vehicles

We now have a list of planes, tanks, and other vehicles that have been confirmed as appearing in the actual game. There is a chance that a couple may be added or removed for the final release of Battlefield 1, but for now, these are definitive.

Confirmed Planes

  • Bristol F2B
  • Fokker Dr.1
  • Fokker d.vii
  • Gotha G.V.
  • Halberstadt CL.II
  • Hannover CL.IIIa
  • L32 Zeppelin
  • REF (Royal Aircraft Factory) R.E.8
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Sopwith Type 9400

Confirmed Tanks

  • A7V Sturmpanzerwagen
  • FT-17 Tank
  • Mark IV Tank

Other Confirmed Vehicles

  • British Rolls Royce Armored Car
  • IGA1 Armored Car
  • Model J Harley Davidson Military Motorcycle
  • Zaamurets Armored Train

In the BF1 strategy guide we developed we provide tons of great tips for using vehicles, reveal the best customization options to use on tanks & planes, and so on.

Below we provide a list of the vehicles that were spotted in the trailers.


Because of the time period BF1 is taking us to you definitely won’t be blasting through the air with modern jets and advanced aircraft. Don’t get discouraged, though. WWI is when planes really started to see significant changes and improvements.

Battlefield 1 Planes

In Battlefield 1 players will more than likely get a chance to pilot a number of aircraft ranging from classic warplanes to bombers and beyond. Below are some examples of the aircraft that were seen in the trailers. These are educated guesses based on designs and the planes used throughout the First World War.

  • Bristol F.2B – A British fighter aircraft that was first used in 1916. It was often fitted with a Foster-mounted Lewis Gun for offensive capabilities. During the war these planes were used heavily by the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force.
  • Gotha G IV – A German-made heavy bomber used in 1917 by the German Air Service. It was capable of holding three troops, had a wingspan of more than 77 feet, and was able to reach speeds in excess of 80 MPH. It was equipped with 2-3 Parabellum machine guns and could also carry a payload of more than 1,000 pounds of bombs.
  • Sopwith Camel – A single seat fighter used by British forces between 1917 and 1920. It apparently wasn’t great against other planes toward the end of WWI, but was used heavily to attack troops on the ground. It could reach speeds of more than 100 MPH and was outfitted with 2 Vickers machine guns.
  • Halberstadt CL.II – A German escort fighter used rather heavily by the Imperial German Army between 1917 and 1918. It could hold a two-man crew and hit speeds just over 100 MPH. Its weaponry usually consisted of Spandau and Parabellum machine guns, as well as trench mortar bombs. It was used to assault ground forces, but was also a very capable air-to-air combat machine.
  • Fokker Dr.I – A popular war plane used by Germany throughout WWI. It is a single-seat aircraft with fast speed, decent maneuverability, and was equipped with two Spandau-style machine guns.
  • Zeppelin L32 – A large, German-made airship that was used primarily for reconnaissance, but was also capable of dropping huge loads of bombs and, in some cases, even had mounted gunners.


What Battlefield game would be complete without the ability to drive some of the baddest pieces of equipment ever to grace the field? BF1 will likely feature several variants of American, German, and French tanks. Some of the most popular from the era were seen in clips from officially released videos.

Battlefield 1 Mark IV Tank

Mark IV Tank featured in BF1’s Trailer

These included:

  • Mark IV – A very popular tank used by the British forces throughout World War I. It weighed 29 tons, could hold a crew of eight, and, depending on the model, was equipped with two 6-pounder QF guns and three .303 Lewis guns or just five Lewis guns.
  • A7V – A German tank first seen in 1918. They were very blocky in appearance, weighed around 32 tons, and could hold up to 18 troops. Its primary weapon was a large 57 mm gun and it also had up to 6 additional 7.9mm machine guns for secondary weaponry.
  • Renault FT – Also referred to as the FT17, this was a French-made light tank. It weighed in at roughly 6.5 tons and could hold only two troops. It was typically outfitted with either a 37mm Puteaux gun or an 8mm Hotchkiss machine gun. It was the first tank to have a rotating turret.

Ground Vehicles

There will definitely be other vehicles in the game that are based on the ground. Aside from standard jeeps and potentially motorcycles, we took notice of the following machines in the trailers.

  • British Armored Car – A British-made vehicle resembling a WWI-era Jeep that’s equipped with a turret on top.
  • IGA1 Armored Car – Many people have been saying that the second vehicle seen in the trailer is the IGA1. While it looks similar, we get the feeling it can’t be the one in Battlefield 1 because all information we were able to find about it suggested it wasn’t developed until WWII. We’re not 100% certain, though.


We’re not completely sure that we’ll see combat on the water in this game, but it is possible. If so, there are many different ways DICE may present it. There is one prominent ship featured in the reveal trailer.

Battlefield 1 Ship from Trailer

Warship seen in official trailer.

  • HMS Iron Duke – It’s hard to make out what ship was featured in the trailer, but it looks very similar to this British battleship that was used in WWI by the Royal Navy. It’s a massive ship with 10 different guns. This may or may not be in multiplayer, but we have a feeling we’ll definitely see naval combat of some sort in BF1.

It’s also worth noting that a variety of submarines were used quite a bit throughout WWI. We haven’t seen anything yet indicating that players will have access to subs, but it’s a possibility we’re not discounting at this point in time.

War Horses

This is a big rumor right now, but, as we saw in the trailer for the game, there’s word going round that players will also have access to horses in multiplayer. The most notable mention of this is when you see a guy riding a horse with a scimitar in his hand.

Battlefield 1 War Horse

Man riding horse in BF1 trailer.

Again, this is NOT confirmed – just a possibility.


Keep in mind that this is NOT a definitive list by any means, nor is it 100% confirmed that ANY of these will actually be featured in the final retail version of Battlefield 1 that’s coming to PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The information provided above is based on footage provided by EA and DICE in various trailers as well as historical documentation on World War I from sources such as Wikipedia and WWI-dedicated websites.

NOTE: This page will be updated to include the full list of all Battlefield 1 vehicles as they are officially confirmed.

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