Battlefield 1 Battlepacks: How to Get Them and How They Work

Battlepacks are making a return in Battlefield 1, but they’re not quite the same. The development team at DICE have gone back and reworked this rewards system. How you earn them, their contents, and how they affect the game have all changed from previous iterations in the series.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Battlepacks, for those that aren’t familiar with them, are reward packages given to players for participating in multiplayer matches. Open one up and you’ll find a plethora of cosmetic and functional items that you can equip for your player.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Rewards vary, but can consist of:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Melee Weapon Pieces
  • Other Digital Items

What you get depends on, well, a bit of luck and the type of battlepack you’re opening. Yup, there are different versions. The standard pack is the least likely to give you any rare items. There’s still a chance, but it’s significantly lower than other packs you can get.

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Battlepack Types

As mentioned above, there are multiple versions of the Battlepack in Battlefield 1. Regular packs can be earned simply by playing the game and getting them as rewards for completing matches. Other packages, however, can only be purchased using a special in-game currency called Scraps.

These are the different packs you can get:Battlefield 1 Battlepack

  • Standard Battlepack
  • Enhanced Battlepack
  • Superior Battlepack

The Standard Battlepack is the one you’ll receive for participating in online matches. It offers a small chance of dropping rare gear such as weapon skins and melee weapon pieces. It’s also possible to purchase this pack version.

Scrap Cost: 200

The Enhanced Battlepack must be purchased using Scraps. This one is guaranteed to give you at least one weapon skin of Distinguished rarity. This makes it a good bit more valuable for players that are looking to rack up skins for your weapons.

Scrap Cost: 450

The Superior Battlepack is also up for grabs via the Scraps currency. It’s the most expensive, but also the most worthwhile. Opening up a Superior pack guarantees that the player will receive at least one Legendary weapon skin. It’ll take a little while to earn, but if you’re wanting those awesome looking skins, this is definitely the package to get.

Scrap Cost: 900

What are Scraps?

We talked above about how you’ll need to earn an in-game currency known as Scraps in order to get your hands on different versions of the battlepack that will lead to better rewards. But what exactly are Scraps?

Scraps are a new form of digital currency found in Battlefield 1. How do you earn them? Well, if you open up a battlepack and it contains items that you already have or you just don’t like you’ll be given the option to salvage them. Doing so will reward you with Scraps.

Scraps can be saved up and then used to purchase the Enhanced or Superior battlepacks which improve your odds of getting some of the rarer weapon skins available in the game.

You’ll definitely want to be salvaging a lot of the lower-tier rewards that you get in BF1 so that you can rack up tons of Scraps that you can turn in for the better reward packs.

Item Rarities

You probably noticed that above we mentioned a couple of different terms when describing the contents of the Battlefield 1 battlepacks. In BF1 some of the items you’ll receive when opening up your packs will have different labels that denote their rarity.

Weapon skins in particular have 3 different rarities. These are:

  • Special
  • Distinguished
  • Legendary

The special skins are somewhat uncommon, but will pop up in your battlepacks more than others.

The Distinguished weapon skins are fairly rare. As we stated above, though, if you save up enough Scraps you’ll be able to buy an Enhanced Battlepack which guarantees that you’ll receive one skin of this rarity.

Finally, Legendary weapon skins are very rare. This is the highest tier. Your greatest chance of scoring a skin of this type is by purchasing a Superior Battlepack since it guarantees that one of the drops in the package will be one of these extremely elusive skins.

Battlepack Contents

DICE has also announced that they will, from time to time, be swapping out the contents of all Battlefield 1 battlepacks. This means that one week a particular Legendary skin may be available, but the next week or month it could be taken out of rotation and replaced with a different skin or perhaps even a rare melee weapon piece.

Battlefield 1 Battlepack Contents

The developers have said that there will be a list available in-game (called a Revision; shown above) that tells you exactly what weapon skins are in the current rotation whenever you go to open up your battlepacks. This essentially means that if there isn’t a skin you care about available you can hold off opening your package until the content pool updates and a new skin or item that you do want is up for grabs.

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