Battlefield 1 Factions: The Playable Forces in BF1

Battlefield 1 is set in the historic First World War where practically every nation across the globe was entangled in fearsome battle. From major allied powers such as the Untied States and Russia to the opposing central powers of countries like Germany and Bulgaria, there were a lot of nations involved with World War I. But what factions will players actually take control over in the game? We discuss this below.

Battlefield 1 Factions

Playable forces in BF1 vary depending on which of the multiplayer maps your match is set on or what part of the campaign you’re playing through. Nevertheless, we do now know exactly which factions players will have access to.Battlefield 1 Factions

These include:

  • Austria-Hungary
  • British Empire
  • France (in the They Shall Not Pass DLC)
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Russian Empire (in an upcoming expansion)

For the British Empire, gamers will have the opportunity to play as soldiers of the ANZAC, British Army, Royal Flying Corps, and the Royal Tank Corps.

When it comes to Germany, players will assume the roles of infantry of either the Imperial German Army or the Imperial German Navy.

On the Italian front, gamers will have the chance to take on the role of a solider within the Royal Italian Army.

For the U.S., gamers will be assigned a position within either the 369th Infantry Regiment or the American Expeditionary Forces.

All other countries’ factions are named as listed above.

Factions by Map

In online multiplayer matches players will be assigned to one of two teams. The team you’re assigned to will be one of the warring factions mentioned above. The available countries will vary depending on what map you’re on.

Below, we’ve listed which factions players will be associated with on each of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer maps.

  • Amiens – British Army or Imperial German Army
  • Argonne Forest – United States or German Empire
  • Ballroom Blitz – United States or German Empire
  • Empire’s Edge – Royal Italian Army or Austria-Hungary
  • Fao Fortress – British Empire or Ottoman Empire
  • Monte Grappa – Royal Italian Army or Austria-Hungary
  • St. Quentin Scar – British Empire or German Empire
  • Sinai Desert – Ottoman Empire or British Empire
  • Suez – British Empire or Ottoman Empire
  • Giant’s Shadow – TBD (should be either British or German Empire)

You can learn more about each individual faction by reading about the history of the participants of World War I. This will give you a better understanding of the events that transpire in Battlefield 1’s campaign mode, as well as an idea of why each country was involved in the relevant battles.