Battlefield 1: Best Weapons to Use for Every Class

Finding it hard to protect yourself or your team with your favorite kit in Battlefield 1? While your play style or skill may not match the requirements of your preferred class, there’s also the possibility that you’re just suffering due to poor loadout choices. Today, we’re going to talk about what the best guns are to use for all of the classes in the game.

Battlefield 1 Best Weapons

Picking the right gun is important. While the developers do work to ensure most weapons in the game are as evenly balanced as possible, there are almost always a few that stand out from the rest in terms of potency and effectiveness.

Battlefield 1 Best Weapons

Don’t have the time or patience to thoroughly test each gun for your kit to figure out which ones will improve your performance and lead to more kills, higher scores, and, most importantly, more wins? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Down below we’ve outlined what we believe are the best weapons in Battlefield 1 for each core kit.


Most Assault players are looking for speed and ferocity in their armaments. Your job is to rush objectives and go mono-y-mono against enemy infantry. To do that, you need guns that pack punch and operate well in fast-pace scenarios in close spaces.

Battlefield 1 Automatico

That’s why the Assault kit gives you access to a variety of SMGs. These are smaller, lighter guns that typically don’t do a ton of damage, but make up for their lack of power with blistering fast rates of fire, and enhanced mobility.

So, what guns are the absolute best to use when you’re rolling the assault class?

  1. Automatico M1918
  2. MP18

M1918 – When it comes to getting fast kills in CQC, it’s hard to beat the M1918. It sprays your enemies with lead at such a quick rate and has great hip-fire accuracy (especially if you use the Trench variant) that they hardly have a chance to oppose you in tight spaces. It makes for quick and easy kills when rushing objectives and running into buildings.

MP18 – This SMG has a much slower fire rate, but it’s still a great weapon. Like the M1918 it also has good hip-fire accuracy. It also has lower recoil which makes it more accurate altogether. And even if you’re not a fan of spray ‘n pray action, you can use the Experimental variant for a burst-fire mode instead.


The Medic kit is by far one our favorites in Battlefield 1. This class gives you the chance to use what we believe are some of the best weapons in the game overall. The rifles the Medic can use are best for medium range combat, but they’re strong enough that players with decent aim can challenge snipers and, of course, pick off enemies from a distance as well.

Battlefield 1 M1916

It takes a little while before you actually unlock the good rifles for this kit, though. You’ll have to grind through a couple levels using the starter guns which, sadly, aren’t great, but, if you stick through it, you’ll eventually get access to the guns we mention below.

Which rifles are the top performers? Let’s take a look..

  1. Selbstlader M1916
  2. Autoloading 8

M1916 – We absolutely LOVE the M1916. It deals a good amount of damage, is ridiculously accurate, and is incredibly easy to use. At mid-range it’s borderline OP considering very few weapons (aside from snipers) are able to counter it.

Autoloading 8 – If you want a better chance of surviving close-quarters engagements this is probably your best bet. This gun deals a bit more damage than the M1916. It’s not quite as accurate, but it’s still a viable weapon for the class.


Everyone wants to be an awesome sniper in Battlefield. That’s true even in BF1. The good news is – the class has some great weapons that pack serious punch, are highly accurate, and it’s not too difficult to figure out bullet drop or aiming with sniper rifles in this game. Nevertheless, there are a couple guns we recommend using above others.

Battlefield 1 Sniping

Here are the best sniper rifles in Battlefield 1 for the Scout class (in our opinion):

  2. Russian 1895

SMLE MKIII – Overall, we think this is the best sniper in the game. It has good optics, works well in medium to long range engagements, and has a good magazine size which allows you to pop off multiple enemies before needing to retreat to cover to perform a reload. The SMLE is more than capable of one-shot kills at great distances. We prefer it over the other snipers in BF1.

Russian 1895 – Coming in second place is the Russian 1895 sniper. Some people will disagree and say that this is the better gun for the Scout class, but it’s primarily designed to be used at extended ranges. In other words, it’s not quite as good when you need to pop a sniper or Medic that has you in their sights nearby. The higher zoom level is fantastic for long-range sniping, though.


The Support class allows the player to utilize the light machine guns in the game. These are generally better at mid range, but, in the right hands, they can be okay in CQC as well.

Battlefield 1 LMG

Here’s what we recommend using:

  1. BAR M1918
  2. MG15

BAR M1918 – This is probably the deadliest and most accurate LMG available in Battlefield 1. It has a decent magazine size, deals moderate damage in mid range encounters, and has good accuracy. LMGs don’t seem to be great in this game overall, but if you’re looking to rock the Support kit, this is the gun we’d recommend sticking with.

MG15 – Next up is the MG15. This is another pretty accurate machine gun. It, too, gives you a ton of rounds to use. It usually requires around 5-6 shots to get a kill except in long range. The recoil is moderate, but fairly easily to control. The firing rate is pretty good on this LMG, too which makes it great for both suppressing enemies and taking them out.