Battlefield 1: Automatico M1918 SMG Overview

The Automatico M1918 is one of the submachine-guns that makes an appearance in Battlefield 1. It was made by Beretta and utilized by the Italians in 1918. The gun featured a unique, top-loading magazine which was intended to make loading the weapon easier for soldiers by allowing them to harness the force of gravity to reduce required pressure to force the magazine into the gun.

Battlefield 1 Automatico M1918

In BF1 this is a fast-firing gun that is a beast in close-range engagements, but suffers from poor accuracy in mid to long range firefights. The reload speed is fast as well, which makes this an ideal gun for running through buildings and small spaces to blast enemies to shreds with hip-fire.

Battlefield 1 Automatico M1918

Magazine Size: 25 rounds

Total Ammo: 150 + 25 rounds

Firing Rate: 900 RPM

Damage Output: Low-Medium

The M1918 is a fully automatic SMG available to the Assault class. It performs well against enemy infantry at short range. It is not effective at longer distances or against vehicles on the field.

Despite its range disadvantages and lower accuracy, many players consider the Automatico M1918 to be one of the best guns in Battlefield 1 for those that utilize the Assault kit.


There are 3 different variants of this gun in the game. Each one has a different set of attachments that either give the weapon an additional means of offensive capabilities or stat bonuses that marginally improve performance of the base gun.

  • Automatico M1918 Factory
  • Automatico M1918 Light Infantry
  • Automatico M1918 Trench

Factory – This model is exactly the same as the base weapon, only it features a bayonet attached to the muzzle. This gives the player the ability to perform a charging stab whenever ammo is depleted or the player doesn’t have time to execute a reload.

Light Infantry – This variant comes with a bayonet as well as the foregrip attachment. The accuracy and control stats also get a boost. This means the gun will have a slightly tighter bullet spread and the recoil will be a bit less than normal.

Trench – This variant of the M1918 SMG also has the foregrip and bayonet attachment combination equipped. Additionally, this model has significantly enhanced hip-fire accuracy which is great for players that like to rush the opposition and hose them down without ADS (aiming down sights). The bullet spread at close range is much tighter meaning more of your rounds will hit your target (providing your aim is on point) which will result in faster kills.


Below is a video from YouTube user, Teddy CS:GO, showing off gameplay of the Automatico M1918 on a variety of different multiplayer maps. This video gives you the chance to see the gun in action and how players use it. You’ll notice from these clips that the player utilizes hip-fire more than anything.

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